Global Alliance against Female Genital Mutilation

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French NGO with a presence in Geneva, Switzerland. The GA-FGM was founded in 2010 with the aim to create an international alliance of NGOs in order to accelerate the abandoning of FGM worldwide. "Lack of communication and ccoperation between the actors" was repeatedly deplored on many conferences and was the initiating motivator to create the organization. The GA-FGM focuses on advocacy, raising awareness and educational projects, especially research and education of FGM professionals. The organization seeks to enable local efforts to end FGM in the directly countries as well as in countries concerned through migration. By using culture, music and arts in its raising awareness campaigns the organization tries to reach the general public. Regarding the educational projects, the organization is currently concentrating on the creation of a University Chair on Public Health and Human Rights with a Focus on FGM.


University Chair on Public Health and Human Rights focusing on FGM/C (in progress); harmonizing the collection of data in the concerned countries, research on neglected fields, notably regarding the economic, social and psychological impact of FGM, establishing a network of African and European universities and researchers, developing evaluation tools for projects in the field are some of the project's objectives. Organization and co-organization of expert meetings (symposiums), especially in the scientific sector. Internet portal on FGM (in Progress); access to exhaustive information about FGM including a literature database, an NGO mapping tool, access to relevant statistics and research results are the main objectives of this project. Organization of conferences, debates, charity concerts, art exhibitions and multi-cultural events in oder to raise awareness in the bigger public.


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Phone: +33 4 50 28 85 64; +33 6 48 90 81 81

249 Route de Choudans
01630 St Jean De Gonville

President: Ms. Christine Sidibé

Vice-President: Prof Abdoulaye Sow

Founder and Director of communications: Ms. Elisabeth Wilson

Founder and Executive director: Mr. Holger Postulart




FGM is one of the worst forms of gender based violence and perpetuated across the world. Each year FGM will claim the lives or hamper the physical and psychological health of millions of women and girls for non-medical reasons. Our information centre is a contribution to the complete abandoning of FGM.

Les MGF sont une des pires formes de violence basée sur le genre et se perpétue partout à travers le monde. Chaque année les MGF vont ôter la vie, ou endommager la santé physique et psychologique de millions de femmes et de jeunes filles pour des raisons non médicales. Notre centre d'information est une contribution à l’abandon complet des MGF.