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Nigerian mom of triplets flees to Winnipeg to avoid female genital mutilation
12 Jan 2016

A mom is now in Winnipeg after fleeing Nigeria to prevent her daughters from undergoing female genital mutilation.

FGM, sometimes known as female circumcision, involves removing all or part of the clitoris as well as, often, the labia to make young girls appear "more virginal."

The woman's father-in-law insisted her first daughter have FGM when she was just a few months old.

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Author: CBC News

Photo: Reuters

FGM Activists - Fuambai Ahmadu and Nimco Ali (podcast)
11 Jan 2016

Depending on your point of view you can call it female circumcision, cutting, or more graphically female genital mutilation. But whatever the label it's become a hugely contentious practice in countries across Africa and beyond. Stephen Sackur speaks to two guests with first-hand experience - Fuambai Ahmadu is co-founder of the group African Women are Free to Choose, and Nimco Ali is co-creator of the Daughters of Eve movement. Should FGM have a place in the 21st Century?


In rural Kenya, a path to adulthood without female genital mutilation
11 Jan 2016

Eighty girls wearing orange shirts hold candles aloft at the St. Charles Lwanga Parish, the flames shining in their eyes. After a week of lectures and seminars, these 80 girls are announcing to their families, their church, and the world: We are the light that will shine across Kenya, we will not undergo female genital mutilation.

The girls, from villages northwest of Nairobi, are participating in a Christian Rite of Passage, an alternative to female genital mutilation organized by Sr. Ephigenia Gachiri. The Loreto sister has been crisscrossing the country in her bright yellow car for the past 16 years, bringing her message to the most remote corners of Kenya: God made you beautiful, don't ruin his creation with female circumcision.

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Authors: Atieno Otieno, Melanie Lidman

Photo:  Atieno Otieno

Local heroes: Unsung women of Africa
9 Jan 2016

The BBC has been running a series about inspiring women across Africa, and followers of BBC Africa's Facebook and Twitter pages have nominated their local heroines. (...)

Imani Amrani nominated Chesang Domtila, because she "worked wonders at the End FGM Academy - she made it happen and was an inspiration to all".

A Kenyan anti-FGM activist, Ms Domtila was born into a community that practises female genital mutilation but managed to escape.

"I have campaigned since I was 13 - I am now 26 - and I can say together with my team and other Kenyan activists, we have achieved a lot. I helped found an anti-FGM community-based organisation and currently work with the Guardian Global Media Campaign against FGM," she told the BBC.

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Girls cut in December get high marks
7 Jan 2016

Most of the 1,200 girls subjected to female genital mutilation in Kerio Valley last December scored high marks in the KCPE exams.

The government and professionals are now urging parents to let the girls join secondary schools instead of marrying the off.

“We want all our girls to be allowed to go to secondary schools even as we put in more effort to fight the FGM vice,” Anti-FGM Board chairperson Linah Kilimo said yesterday.

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FGM is one of the worst forms of gender based violence and perpetuated across the world. Each year FGM will claim the lives or hamper the physical and psychological health of millions of women and girls for non-medical reasons. Our information centre is a contribution to the complete abandoning of FGM.

Les MGF sont une des pires formes de violence basée sur le genre et se perpétue partout à travers le monde. Chaque année les MGF vont ôter la vie, ou endommager la santé physique et psychologique de millions de femmes et de jeunes filles pour des raisons non médicales. Notre centre d'information est une contribution à l’abandon complet des MGF.