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No Place for Niceties in Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation
27 Jan 2016

Leyla Hussein was 7 when it happened to her. She remembers hearing her sister screaming from the room adjacent to their bedroom and then someone saying, “Go get Leyla.” Then, she recalls being held down on a table, her legs pinned back, and a searing pain that caused her to black out.


At the ripe old age of 7, Hussein had become one of millions of girls who are the victims of female genital mutilation (FGM), though she prefers the term survivor. Today, the Somali-born social activist is leading the charge to end FGM, which, she notes, impacts some 140 million girls around the world, even in places you might not expect.

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Author: Karin Zeitvogel

In Kenya, old attitudes on FGM die hard
27 Jan 2016

Anadolu Agency meets the women who choose to undergo the dangerous and illegal practice of female genital mutilation

(...) It is true that many NGOs are leading successful campaigns against this dangerous and painful practice – one which is particularly prevalent in many African countries.

However, despite successes, anti-FGM campaigners are facing a new problem: trying to help someone who does not want to be helped.

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Author: Magdalene Mukami

Proposed Bill Against FGM ‘Very Weak’
26 Jan 2016

Just days before President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s annual message, where she implored the Legislature to enact several proposed bills into law, such as the Domestic Violence Act, two Kenyan rights activists in Monrovia critiqued the section of the proposed bill concerning FGM, calling it “weak... vague, bleak and ambiguous and lacks grit to prosecute offenders.”

“As a mother and a woman leader,” President Sirleaf said in her message yesterday, “the record is clear on my response to the issues of women and children, particularly in support of their economic participation, their participation in governance, and their protection from violence...

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Author: William Q. Harmon

Photo: picture-alliance/dpa

Wadi and Aware organize first ever conference on Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting in Singapore
22 Jan 2016

Women from Malaysia, Thailand, India and Singapore joined on Thursday in Singapore to present their perspectives on FGM/C in their countries and discuss ways to eliminate the practice. It is the first time that such a meeting took place in Singapore and even in South East Asia as a whole, assumes Vivienne Wee, a founding member of the Singaporean women’s organization Aware. The Singaporean feminist organization organized the conference together with WADI as part of WADI’s Stop FGM in the Middle East & Asia campaign.

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Author: Hannah Wettig

Kakenya Ntaiya: Early Marriage and female Circumcision Ambassador
21 Jan 2016

Girls in patched black and red overalls dance down a narrow lane in the light of dawn. They sing. They worship. They praise. They’re entering their adult lives through a ceremony designed to buck a tradition that has injured so many of their ancestors. They have been made to believe that this makes them real women.

FGM, alongside early marriage was outlawed in Kenya in 2011 but this practice is still deeply ingrained in cultural traditions of some communities.

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Author: Shaboard



FGM is one of the worst forms of gender based violence and perpetuated across the world. Each year FGM will claim the lives or hamper the physical and psychological health of millions of women and girls for non-medical reasons. Our information centre is a contribution to the complete abandoning of FGM.

Les MGF sont une des pires formes de violence basée sur le genre et se perpétue partout à travers le monde. Chaque année les MGF vont ôter la vie, ou endommager la santé physique et psychologique de millions de femmes et de jeunes filles pour des raisons non médicales. Notre centre d'information est une contribution à l’abandon complet des MGF.